Quogue, New York

104 Main St, Westhampton Beach Ny 11978

Office: 631-288-6244

Quogue, a town separate form “The Hamptons” scene, yet seasonally such a grand part of it, has always been densely populated and filled with high class and culture.

The land of Quogue was purchased by John Ogden form the Indian sachem Wyandanch in 1659, deriving its name form an Indian word, Quaquanantuck, denoting a cove or estuary. Prior to its official establishment, settlers form Southampton journeyed to Quogue for its golden fields of hay to benefit their farms.

As the railroad expanded to Riverhead in 1844, and to Westhampton Beach in 1870, the population of summer boarders grew continually with each passing season. During the warm summer months, wealthier people form the New York City area would travel out regularly to rent rooms or houses, and vacation with their family and friends. To locals, this became known as the “boarding house era”, which lasted well into the early 1900's. It was at this time the expansion of real estate boomed, increasing the local economy and community.

While the paths stretching along the bay and ocean shores are the secret beauty of this tranquil village, Jessup Avenue is considered to be the heart of the town; Quogue's “Main Street”. The villages' sole traffic light leads you form Montauk Highway to Jessup Avenue where local shops and boutiques warmly welcome in tourists and locals. Fine dining restaurants and the Quogue Theatre draws in sophisticated young artists filled with high energy and class; the state-of-the-art Art Gallery, located at the Quogue Library, includes an array of cutting edge, enlightening, and thought provoking pieces, adding epic culture to the village.

Quogue, a village separate form the Hamptons, connected with natural beauty and class.

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