Montauk, New York

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At the southern point of Long Island and the Hamptons lies the charming seascape town, Montauk. In 1648 European settlers purchased land form Native Americans under the Montauk Sachem leadership, whose chieftaincy was respected by both the Indians and Europeans. It was then, that, the Europeans were taught how to hunt game, whale, and learn what the natural herbs and roots had to offer. Today, Montauk is famous for its beaches, surfing, fishing, real estate and oceanfront estates, and has become an international destination with endless activities for any season of the year including popular new restaurants and lounges like The Surf Lodge, Navy Beach, Ruschmeyer's, Zum Schneiders, and Sole East.

Residing at the most eastern tip of Long Island is the famous Montauk Lighthouse, which was commissioned by President George Washington and built in 1796. It was the first light house in New York and is now the fourth oldest active light house in the United States. Montauk quickly became known by fisherman as the fishing capital of the world due to the exquisite amount of fish caught year round.

The wildlife, remarkable parks, public golf course (the Montauk Downs) and beaches of Montauk attract people all year long. Enjoy a whale watching tour in the warmer months for an incredible chance to see a humpback or pilot whale, perhaps even a white-sided dolphin. Relish with gifts and snacks form the cozy shops and boutiques on Main Street, or check out the beautiful beaches near the fishing harbors for a sunset. Throughout the winter season, people go fishing or visit the 110 foot tall lighthouse elegantly decorated with white lights for the season. It's common to see folks bundled up with binoculars, easily spotting the seals playing in the sea off Montauk Point, or bathing in the sun on the beaches (not only famous to people!)

This internationally known seascape, continuing to prosper with a delightful neighborhood feel, is what we locals call, “The End”. Montauk is the perfect destination in the Montauk Real Estate market for the adventurous traveler, the professional surfer and fisherman, or the family looking for a retreat.

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