Amagansett, New York

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In 1690, Amagansett was founded by English descendants of the Baker, Conklin, and Barnes families and Dutch brothers, Abraham and Jacob Schellinger. Amagansett was once the most Eastern tip of Long Island, leaving Montauk as a small island off the coast. As the last ice age came to a close the sand dunes drifted with ocean currents creating the thin stretch of Napeaque, linking Montauk with the rest of the Hamptons and Long Island.

Amagansett was the only part of the United States to ever be “invaded” by an enemy during World War II. In June 1942, during Operation Pastorius, a German submarine dropped four spies off the coast of Atlantic Avenue Beach where they swam to shore and boarded a train on the Long Island Railroad bound for New York City. US Coast Guardsmen assigned to the coastal watch felt suspicious of these strangers and notified the necessary people. When arriving to Penn Station, the four German spies were greeted by the police and FBI.

Many historic buildings of the 18th and 19th centuries were built on Further Lane, which is one block from ocean and home to one of the largest collections of mansions in the Amagansett and East Hampton region. Some of these homes were relocated to East Hampton Village to avoid any demolition. Amagansett has been a highly desirable resort location where many famous people reside in or own second homes. More commonly seen famous people in the Amagansett and East Hampton area include Paul McCartney, Christie Brinkley, Jerry Seinfeld, Gwyneth Paltrow, Sarah Jessica Parker, Matthew Broderick, and Kathleen Turner. Marilyn Monroe, Arthur Miller, and Randy Lerner had also spent a summer enjoying the peaceful and beautiful beaches of Amagansett in the late 1950’s.

Once the tip of Long Island and access point for foreign spies, Amagansett real estate has always been a highly sought-after location in the Hamptons. Naturally beautiful, the beaches of Amagansett are a perfect retreat to relax, rejuvenate, and thrive in the eastern end of Long Island in the Amagansett Real Estate market. Click here to see any of The Enzo Morabito Team Amagansett Real Estate Listings

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